Dyeing Alchemy


Dyeing Alchemy: A Primer About Procion MX Dyeing teaches the basics of dyeing plant-based fabrics using Procion-MX dyes. The companion workbook, Dyeing Alchemy: An Interactive Workbook, automatically does all the complicated dyeing math needed to dye fabric by weight.

Using the two together, you will:

  • learn the basics of Procion MX dye chemistry and color theory as related to dyeing fabric
  • be able to dye fabric economically using the least amount of dye needed for a specific weight of fabric and desired shade
  • understand the process of mixing primary colors to get an infinite variety of reproducible mixed colors
  • learn about the supplies and equipment needed as well as how to dye safely
  • experiment with 5 processes for dyeing fabric and creating samples
  • be introduced to some fun dyeing techniques that go beyond the basics
  • have access to a variety of online resources valuable to fabric dyers.

Dyeing Alchemy
Dyeing Alchemy
Dyeing Alchemy is available only as a download. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase Dyeing Alchemy. After you pay for the book, click on the "Return to Merchant" button. There you will find a "Thank You" page that explains that you will get an email containing a link for downloading the primer in PDF format. That link is good for 36 hours. Inside the primer, you’ll find the link for downloading the Dyeing Alchemy workbook.

If you have any questions about Dyeing Alchemy, please send an email to dyeingalchemy@gmail.com


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In the Fall 2016 issue of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot (the publication of the Handweavers Guild of America), Janet Ruhan Book Review Dyeing Alchemy, Spindle Shuttle & Dyepot, Fall 2016 reviewed Dyeing Alchemy. She said: For detail-oriented artists who want to explore Pocion MX dyeing in depth, and particularly those who want to replicate results, this is the perfect resource.”…..”Dyeing Alchemy provides a good discussion of color theory in relation to transparent dyes and is worth purchasing for that reason alone.” The full review may be seen here: Book Review Dyeing Alchemy, Spindle Shuttle & Dyepot, Fall 2016

Two artists/dyers previously reviewed Dyeing Alchemy.  Jane Dunnewold wrote a review on the Fiber Art Now blog and Diana Guenther wrote one on the Conant Grant blog.

Jane said: “I admired the thorough treatment of the many ways dyes are used; as well as acknowledgment of the many strategies varying teachers employ – each of which provides successful results. It reminded me once again, that the approach to dyeing that a textile artist chooses is driven by the desired end goal… Franklin covers all the bases and is a thoughtful and inspiring writer. This is a book every serious dyer should acquire..”

Diana commented: “All of this information is a valuable resource for me and a real bargain at under $18.  However, what really sold the book for me was the dye calculator… She advertised her dye calculator as a time saving tool that would allow me to frugally use just the right amount of chemicals – urea, soda ash, salt, dye – to get the color I wanted.  Save *time* AND *money*?   I haven’t been disappointed.   Many thanks to Diane Franklin for putting out a great tool for fiber artists.”


“A highly informative, and impressive document, containing valuable information based upon the author’s personal experience, as well as her extensive research into Procion M.X. dyes. It is written for dyers who wish to progress in their craft by understanding more about the processes of dyeing cellulose fabrics and silk, and about colour theory, but also contains simple explanations, and solutions to problems.

The reader will be able to produce repeatable hues, and keep reliable records with accuracy, and the interactive workbook, which works out the quantities of solutions needed, so negating the paper work, will be a relief to many textile artists.”
     – Ann Milner, author of The Ashford Book of Dyeing

“From the copyright information to the “going beyond” section, this is a very thorough and easy to read guide. You have managed to mix not-too-complicated theory with methodology, and at the same time, offer a practical, hands-on approach that is easy to follow. I am impressed that each section could probably stand by itself as an informational/instructional guide. It makes it easy for the student to digest one section at a time and then proceed to the next.”
     – Nancy Crasco, fiber artist

“All you ever wanted to learn about Procion MX Dyes, and even more. This book covers the basic steps in detail, describing the main principles of dyeing in the primer, and it takes you by the hand in the workbook. The ‘makes life easier’ calculators give you the reassuring feeling that you know what you’re doing and help you reproduce results in the future. After giving you a complete understanding of the basics, the book then inspires you to explore other ways of dyeing.

Even though dyeing is often a big surprise journey, it’s even more rewarding if the final results are close to what you are looking for. That’s why this dye book, is not just a dye book. It’s a real guide. Don’t let anyone tell you that dyeing is just ‘good luck’ and that is impossible to repeat your results. All you have to do is study this book and build your sample collection with it!”
     – Nienke Smit, dyer and fiber artist