Artist Statement

I am fascinated by texture and color and inspired by a myriad of images from the natural and constructed worlds. I’m particularly intrigued by the interplay of color and light, including reflections, shadows and unexpected luminosity, and I try to create some of these effects through the dyeing process. In my dyed pieces I most love the unexpected results that emerge from the dye bath and demand to be incorporated into unique pieces that are unusual as well as beautiful.

My work is generally intuitive rather than conceptual. Most pieces are inspired by the fabrics I have created rather than by a vision or sketch done beforehand. I often begin by arranging materials that I have dyed and painted/stamped/silkscreened or otherwise treated on my design wall, moving them around until they coalesce. Or, a particular piece of fabric may spark the germ of an idea which I then have to figure out how to bring to life.